we’re halfway thru april, u know what tht means?



ive been trying to watch this episode of hannibal for the past 2 hours and im only 15 minutes in why

whyyy has my internet been so slow lately 

tw for threats of violence, actual violence discussed, emotional and physical abuse. basically just abuse in generally really oh and transphobia a well

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the one day this week i actually need to sit down and type/write lengthy things just had to be the day that my elbows flare up again rrrr

damnit i just came back from walmart and i forgot to buy the divergent soundtrack

misanderingthroughthewoods replied to your post: looking at my outbox it appears i have…

i’m having trouble with my hands so it will take me some time to reply

okie dokie

when you feel up to it you can, there’s no rush

i havent messed around with coding in a long time and im tempted to get back into it just to procrastinate and avoid all the stuff i have to do today

looking at my outbox it appears i have asked this question before

favourite animals are super important apparently

i wonder if my fanmail was recieved like forever ago